7 Wire Prestressed Strands

We are one of the leading suppliers of low relaxation high strength 7 Wire PC Strands. Our group company supplies to most precast, hollow core and post tension companies in the middle east region. Our PC Strands have been tested by Dubai Municipality laboratories and have been approved by Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL), Abu Dhabi Municipality, Road and Technical Service Sector Authority, and also approved by major consultants like Parsons and several others and have been used in some of the prestigious projects such as:


Projects in Middle East


Highway and Utility trestle EMAL bridge by Khalifa Port & Indus.
Al Soha Island Roads and Bridges
Yas Island Car Park
Al Quoz Jumeirah International Staff Accommodation
Julfar Tower
Nestle Dubai Manufacturing
Nestle Substation and LV Room
Shopping Centers
Villas at Dubai Land
Director General at Civil Defense
AL Salmah Center in Umm Al Quwain
Villas in Al Ain

Application Standards


Concrete reinforcement - Precast elements
Construction - Concrete floor decks
Roads & bridges - Concrete bridges


Manufactured to International Standards


ASTM A416 standards prestressed strands
BS-5896 : 1980 standards prestressed strands


Available Sizes

ASTM: 9.53, 12.7, 15.24
BS: 9.3, 12.5, 15.2


Download Specifications




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