Heavy Duty Concrete Cutting Machinery

We offer quality heavy duty machinery for concrete cutting applications to increase productivity and achieve economical solutions in precast manufacturing and construction companies. Our products include wall saws, floor saws, handheld saws, coring machines and a full range of consumables for these products such as diamond wall saw blades, ring saw blades, floor saw diamond blades and coring bits.  

Tyrolit Wall Saws
Electric wall saws and hydraulic wall saws for cutting depths up to 1005 mm plus wall saw accessories.
Tyrolit Hand-held and Ring Saws
Cutting reinforced concrete, masonry and various construction materials as well as creating smaller apertures and openings in walls and ceilings.
Tyrolit Floor Saws
Tyrolit floor saws can be equipped with choice of electric, petrol or diesel drives, making them versatile for all concrete floor cutting applications.
Tyrolit Powerpack
These are drive units suitable for wall sawing, wire sawing and drilling applications
Tyrolit Coring Machine
Drill motors, drill rigs and drill accessories for drilling diameters up to 1000 mm
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