Precast Diamond Saw Blades

We specialize in hollow core concrete cutting diamond saw blades for precast manufacturers. We offer specialized blades for precast factories cutting concrete slabs, concrete planks with different sizes ensuring a fast cut with precision, safety, extended life and reduced sound.  

Precast Diamond Saw Blades for Hollow Core Slabs

Tyrolit Diamond blades for precast industry for cutting concrete with hard and abrasive aggregates. These are special blades with positioned diamond grant greater performance, higher cutting speed, better precision and long durability with all international machine types used by precast factories in Middle East and Asia.

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900 MM

1100 MM

1300 MM


Tyrolit is a Swarovski group company headquartered in Austria.  Tyrolit is a leading brand in manufacturing products for construction industry.

Reduced Sound

The sound is reduced by using our blades and helps workers in the factory with a better working environment. 


Tyrolit blade offers a fast cut and a precision cut, hence saving time and increasing productivity.


It has proven over the year that Tyrolit blades have extended life over competitors product.

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